Enhancing Employee Sense of Belonging in the Hybrid Workplace

Build bonds on your team with engaging events built around the specific interests of your members.   Finding out what your people want and emerging events they genuinely enjoy together is what we do.

Why Use WhatsCookin'​

Happy Employees Stick Around


Surveys and bots do not genuinely engage people.

15 Million

Americans quit their jobs between April-September 2021

1.5 years

is the average an employees stays in their current role

42 Days

is the average time to replace employees


Happy employees are up to 13% more productive

How Are We Different

People First

We treat your team members as people first, not as objects or data points. Through surveys and quick chats, we find out what your team members genuinely would like to do. Simultaneous visualization tools like Piccles or Miro can make a great use of planning time, depending on how you'd like us to interact.

Customized Events

We reach out to local creatives and our network of providers to make events happen! This can be anything from a pickup basketball game to a surfing lesson, from a storytelling zoom to a virtual murder mystery or just a Q&A with an expert speaker. We find that many teams favor small, interactive events customized for each group.

Inviting Culture

Our unique peer to peer platform creates an ongoing experience of sharing interests and activities to cement the bonds of your team. Building an inviting and welcoming culture not only helps form bonds in your existing team but quickly integrates new team members into the group

What We Do


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Facilitated event planning and management. 100% transparency.

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